Clear Gel is the ONLY roller cleaner/deglazer you'll ever need

Let’s face it.  Cleaning presses can be a real pain in the you-know-what!  It’s not fun, and it’s just about the last thing in the world printers want to do.  But if you don’t find time to do necessary maintenance and cleaning, you can set yourself up for a wide range of problems such as roller stripping, glazing, ink emulsification, picture framing, etc.  When these problems rear their ugly heads, you will consume a lot of time and effort trying to figure out what’s going on.  It’s like that old expression…. you can pay me now, or pay me later, but you’ll spend a lot more time and money if you pay later.

This is where Clear Gel Roller Cleaner and Deglazer can become your new best friend and cleaning buddy.  Applying a thin bead to rollers will dissolve paper glaze from calcium, and will remove other contaminants so your rollers perform line new!   You can even go from black to yellow easily!   And it’s safe for daily use.  With Clear Gel there is no need to stock separate calcium or glaze removers.

Some products recommend leaving their cleaner on overnight for maximum effectiveness.  Not Clear Gel.  It works quickly so you can apply it and have time for more important things.  Sure, you could leave it on overnight if you want (it won’t swell rollers), but it’s not necessary.  

Clear Gel’s convenient squeeze bottle is easy to use too.   Liquid deglazers can be harder to handle and may be hazardous.  What could be easier than shake, apply and remove with your favorite roller wash? 

Clear Gel is safe for all presses and rollers – even acrylic.  Years ago, when T-Heads were quite popular, Townsend sent us a great testimonial about the effectiveness of Clear Gel on their acrylic rollers.

We’ve also had testimonials from dealer reps touting how well Clear Gel worked on large presses.  It was able to pull old ink out of rollers that were supposedly well maintained. 

If you’re not happy with your current roller cleaners or deglazers, or if you’d prefer to buy one product that cleans and deglazes instead of stocking multiple products, give Clear Gel a try!  You won’t be disappointed.

What's so special about Thumbs Up Hand Cleaner?

You might think all hand cleaners are created equal, and wonder why we would take time to write a blog about our Thumbs Up Hand Cleaner. After all, aren't hand cleaners a dime a dozen?  Is there anything that really separates them apart?

Well, the answer is a resounding no – all hand cleaners are not created equal. And yes – there are differences that separate Thumbs Up apart from the competition. I'll admit most do a good job of cleaning hands, but Thumbs Up does more than your usual hand cleaner.

First, let's take a look at environmental factors. Many hand cleaners use microbeads to help get out dirt and grime. You might what? Well, for starters those microbeads don't get filtered out of the water and end up in our rivers, lakes, streams and ocean. It's a huge problem, and many manufacturers find they need to reformulate their products in order to meet new regulations. After all, who wants to eat plastic with their fish?

Thumbs Up uses unique soft polymer scrubbers that can be filtered out of the water. So by choosing Thumbs Up, you're making a safer environmental choice.

The next thing is Thumbs Up can help keep your sinks and pipes clean! Can you say that about your hand cleaner?  Most hand cleaners remove ink from your hands, but then ink and grease end up in your sink, and stick to your pipes. Most sinks look like a Picasso painting...nice hodge-podge of colors but is that what you want? Now you have to clean your sink!  Not only does Thumbs Up clean your hands, it actually helps prevent ink and dirt from accumulating in the bottom of your sink and clogging up your plumbing. That's pretty cool, right?

Thumbs Up is incredibly economical to use too. Just a tiny ½ teaspoon is all you need to remove the toughest inks and grime. It works so well car mechanics and auto repair shops stock Thumbs Up.  You might say it's an industrial strength hand cleaner.  It's incredibly tough on ink, dirt and grease but it leaves your hands soft and moisturized.

Many hand cleaners smell decent. Ours has a nice, fresh scent and rinses clean.

Some hand cleaners tend to separate in hot temperatures. Not Thumbs Up!  Ours won't separate and it has a long shelf life. 

We hope all these benefits entice you to try Thumbs Up. Just click on this link for additional product and SDS information.


Everything you wanted to know about Putz, but were afraid to ask

Putz has been around a long time!  Believe it or not, it dates back to 1887 and the JC Paul Co. in Germany.   They made metal polishes, and named this product Universal Putz Pomade.  It was also known as the genuine Helmet Brand Putz Pomade and even the label was in German.  Some people have their own ideas about what Putz means, but it actually means to polish metal.

Universal Putz Pomade had many uses and eventually the label was changed to English.   It was used for polishing hot metals around engine rooms and boiler plants, cleaning copper plates, rotogravure cylinders and linotype molds.  It was even sold as a razor strap dressing.   It did a great job cleaning musical instruments too!

After the advent of offset printing , someone discovered Putz Pomade was an excellent cleaning agent for rubber rollers.  It was then marketed and sold as a deglazer, and is still known today as the "original" deglazer.   Putz Liquidflow was introduced in 1978.

You'd think the story ends with offset, but  a few years ago, service techs and pressmen discovered Putz Liquidflow could clean and extend the life of OPC drums on digital Xeikon presses.   For more information on this application, check out directions on our product sheet.

Customer service problems when dealing with websites

Have you ever been frustrated by poor customer service? We've all been there -- waited in lines that are too long; waited seemingly forever on hold to talk to a "real" person only to be transferred to someone else; had difficulties getting problems resolved; waited way too long for someone to return calls or emails; and the list goes on.

It can be challenging to provide great customer service when customers use digital technologies to place orders, communicate, and search for relevant information. The human touch gets lost in these cases. Having a website that is easy to use, provides pertinent information, and is easy to navigate is vital. Customers want orders to be processed and shipped quickly. They also want questions answered promptly if they do need to call. How you respond to customer inquiries leaves a lasting impression.

We at Burnishine pride ourselves on being very responsive to our dealers. We want to make sure our customers have accurate, relevant information about our products, and, most importantly, how our products can solve common press and plate problems. We always return calls and emails, and are happy to provide technical support. We will do whatever it takes to make sure customers are happy with our products and service, and welcome all suggestions.

Yes, we're in business to sell our products, but we're also here to provide "solutions" to solve everyday pressroom problems. By doing this we're helping customers make the best first "impression" possible.