Burnishine Adds HAR Padding Compounds
When you need the best padding compound, choose HAR!
Burnishine now has Scrubs In a Bucket!
Scrubs in a Bucket is one of the most popular hand cleaner towels on the market!
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FBP3000 Deletion Pen Works Well on Agfa ECO3 Energy Elite Baked Plates
FBP3000 works well on baked Agfa ECO3 Energy Elite Pro Plates
Burnishine Flexo Wash Concentrated Cleaner for Plates and Anilox
Burnishine helps take the guesswork out of purchasing flexo cleaners. Our Flexo Wash Concentrated Cleaner is multi-purpose, so you can use it on anilox rolls, flexo plates, in ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and as a general purpose cleaner. Because it’s concentrated, you can adjust the strength to suit different applications, and you won’t need to stock extra cleaners which can help save you money. Best of all, it won’t swell photopolymer plates, and rinses clean so you can be sure your plates and anilox roll will give you optimal printing results
Thumbs Up Liquid and Paste Hand Cleaners are good for you and the environment
Whether you are an auto mechanic, industrial mechanic, printer or contractor your hands need Thumbs Up Liquid or Paste Hand Cleaners! Both are great for deep cleaning even the dirtiest hands, are safe for your skin and the environment, are solvent-free and help keep your plumbing clean. Detergents in Thumbs Up remove grease by emulsifying oils which are then broken down so they can’t attach to your plumbing. And the polymer scrubbers used in Thumbs Up Paste and Liquid Hand Cleaner are safe for the environment. They break down quickly and meet all standards set by the American Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015.
Burnishine has Hand Sanitizing Gel & PPE Full Face Masks!
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Burnishine has CDC Sanitizing Cleaner and CDC Sanitizing Wipes
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LPC6000 Laser Plate Deletion Pen
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Deletions Pens for IBF CtP Plates
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Deletion Pens for Baked CtP Plates
Burnishine makes deletion pens for baked Kodak and Fuji CtP Plates!
CTP1000 Deletion Pen Use & Recommendations
CTP1000 deletion pen is the premier choice for CtP Thermal, CtP Violet and analog metal plates.
Burnishine's New Flexo Cleaner

Burnishine is well known for its excellent offset chemicals.  What you may not know is we also make an awesome Flexo Cleaner for cleaning UV and water-based inks and varnishes.

We formulated our Flexo Cleaner to be effective, yet safe for the printer, plates, rollers and the environment. 

Testing was done in conjunction with a leading press manufacturer, and the esteemed Fox Valley Technical College.  This means you can be assured our cleaner meets the high standards established by these institutions.  We can honestly say our cleaner outperformed other popular cleaners!  

Most flexo cleaners for water-based and UV ink do a good job cleaning plates and anilox rolls and are relatively safe for the environment.  But some cleaners continue to use a chemical called nonyl phenol ethoxylate, which is highly toxic to aquatic life.  Companies using this chemical will have to reformulate as it’s in the process of being phased out  Just think, every time it’s used, it goes down the drain and contaminates local water systems.  We are proud to say our cleaner does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylate! 

Here’s the low-down on the features and benefits of using Burnishine Flexo Cleaner:

  •          Effective at cleaning UV and water-based inks and varnish - saves time and money!
  •          Won’t swell photopolymer plates - safe for your plates.
  •          Rinses clean with water - easy to use!
  •          Biodegradable, low phosphate surfactants - safe for the environment!
  •          Non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive - safe to use and store!
  •          No extra Haz-Mat shipping fees! - saves money!
  •          Economical – use full strength or dilute up to 1:8 with water.
  •          Can be used as a general purpose cleaner.  No need to stock a lot of other products.
  •          Available in quarts, 5 gallon pail and 55 gallon drums

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to test our cleaner, which is why we decided to add quarts to our packaging.  With a minimal investment you can see for yourself why you should be using Burnishine Flexo Cleaner. 

Click on this link to take you to our Flexo Cleaner product page.