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The History of Burnishine Products



In 1887, The J.C. Paul Company started a small chemical manufacturing operation in Chicago. The company quickly became known as a pioneer producer of quality products. One of the original Paul products was a small metal polish, sold under the brand name Burnishine. The popularity of Burnishine Metal Polish prompted the company to use the Burnishine name for all of its products.

Another Burnishine product was called Universal Putz Pomade. Customers found many uses for Putz Pomade. Although it was recommended for polishing hot metal in engine rooms and boiler plants, printers used it to clean copper plates, and newspaper and magazine publishers used it to clean rotogravure cylinders and linotype molds. It was even sold as a razor strap dressing. When offset printing became popular, Putz Pomade was found to excel in cleaning the rubber rollers of printing presses, penetrating the pores of the roller material and restoring their velvety appearance and texture. To this day, Burnishine Putz Pomade is sold in the graphic arts industry as a deglazer for press rollers.

In 1990, Burnishine acquired R&R Smith, who manufactured Plate-Sav-Ur, one of the first offset plate cleaners offered to printers, and Gold Miracle – a cleaner and conditioner for Silvermaster™ plates. Both products are widely used today, and Gold Miracle’s use has expanded to include laser and silver polyester plates.

1995 saw the acquisition of the Printers Pride product line from Printers Pacific. This product line included a range of fountain solutions, and a very popular chrome roller cleaner and desensitizer.

In 2009, the Burnishine line was purchased by Roger Giza and Grant Beck, both 40+ year veterans of the graphic arts industry. Since acquiring the company they have consistently expanded the product line to include aerosol products, deletion and addition pens for CTP plates, and a line of related products for use in the pressroom.

We take great pride in saying all Burnishine products are manufactured in the United States