Burnishine Flexo Wash Concentrated Cleaner for Plates and Anilox

With so many flexo cleaners on the market it can be hard to decide which flexo cleaning solution is best for your needs.  Whether you print on plastic, corrugated boxes, paper or film, one thing is certain - flexo printers need a cleaner that removes ink and other contaminants from flexo plates and anilox rolls quickly, safely and effectively – no matter if you clean manually or with automated equipment.  And keep in mind various inks and substrates may require different cleaners.  For instance, cleaners for water and UV-based inks usually won’t work with solvent inks. 

Flexo printers can choose from cleaners specifically made for anilox rolls, flexo plates, ultrasonic cleaners, UV ink, water-based and solvent ink.  You can buy paste, cream, gel, ready-to-use cleaners, concentrated cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, and the list goes on. 

Burnishine helps take the guesswork out of purchasing flexo cleaners.  Our Flexo Wash Concentrated Cleaner is multi-purpose, so you can use it on anilox rolls, flexo plates, in ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and as a general purpose cleaner.  Because it’s concentrated, you can adjust the strength to suit different applications, and you won’t need to stock extra cleaners which can help save you money.  Best of all, it won’t swell photopolymer plates, and rinses clean so you can be sure your plates and anilox roll will give you optimal printing results.  It is also biodegradable, non-toxic, and is excellent for cleaning UV and water-based inks.  Independent test showed Burnishine Flexo Cleaner outperformed other popular flexo cleaners.  Flexo Wash Concentrated Cleaner comes in convenient sizes too – quarts, gallons, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

Next time you run low on your flexo cleaner, give Burnishine Flexo Wash Concentrated Cleaner a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

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