Thumbs Up Liquid and Paste Hand Cleaners are good for you and the environment

There has always been a quest to find effective hand cleaners that will remove heavy dirt, grease, and oil from hands quickly without damaging skin – especially in industrial settings such as workshops, factories, construction sites, automotive repair shops, etc.  In these places plain soap and water just doesn’t work well. But finding an alternative has its downsides.  Many hand cleaners – whether liquid, gel, cream or waterless - contain some pretty nasty chemicals which can be exceptionally hard on the skin.

There are so many hand cleaners to choose from –solvent-based, surfactant-based, and some that use emulsifiers to help remove deep, ground-in dirt and grime.

Let’s take a look at solvent- based hand cleaners first. They clean well, but are not so good for your skin or the environment.  To make matters worse, solvents can leave a thin, sticky film on your hands, which means you may have to rewash with soap and water to get your hands totally clean. Who wants to double wash?  On top of that, grease buildup from solvents, soap and water can clog drains. This is not good for you or your wallet!  Products using D-Limonene smell nice and citrusy but are also harsh.  And even waterless hand cleaners contain solvents.

You’re probably thinking there must be a better way, and there is - detergent based hand cleaners like Thumbs Up Paste and Thumbs Up Liquid Hand Cleaner.  Both work fast to remove the toughest ink, grease, grime, dirt, tar and more!  They’re solvent free, won’t scratch or irritate even broken skin, and contain moisturizers to keep your skin soft and moist but never sticky!  

Detergents in Thumbs Up remove grease by emulsifying oils which are then broken down so they can’t attach to your plumbing.  And the polymer scrubbers used in Thumbs Up Paste and Liquid Hand Cleaner are safe for the environment.  They break down quickly and meet all standards set by the American Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015.

So whether you’re an auto mechanic, industrial mechanic, printer or contractor, you’ll give 2 thumbs up for Burnishine Thumbs Up hand cleaners – liquid or paste! 




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