Technical Bulletins

Excellent for use with many analog and CtP metal plates that require an acidic cleaner. However, some plates do need an alkaline cleaner. When in doubt, always contact your plate manufacturer or us so we can make sure you're using the right product.

Chrome Roller Cleaner & Desensitizing (desensitizer) is one of our most popular pressroom products! Printers and OEM's alike love it because it is so effective, easy to use, and is virtually odorless.

Clean rollers are essential for producing high quality prints. Clear Gel is non-abrasive, and safe for all rollers.

Burnishine offers a good selection of CtP deletion pens to suit the needs of most printers.

There are literally hundreds of fountain solutions on the market that serve a variety of press needs. Burnishine fountains are formulated for small duplicator to mid-size commercial presses.

Gold Miracle is the original starter, cleaner and conditioner for silver and laser polyester plates.

HS Boyd wants you to achieve the best run possible. To help you reach that goal, and to save you time and money, we offer these general production/installation guidelines.

HS Boyd wants you to get all your perforating and scoring right the first time, so we have put together this handy guide for you.

PLATE SAV-UR is an alkaline, low odor, cleaner, conditioner and scratch remover for analog metal plates. Some metal plates require the use of an acidic cleaner. When in doubt, contact your plate manufacturer or us so we can make sure you're using the right product.

Plate Care (FCP)

PLATE CARE iis a mildly acidic, low odor, one step finisher, cleaner and protectant that is excellent for use with all metal plates - including CtP thermal and violet.

PUTZ POMADE is the original deglazer in the graphic arts industry! It is applied while the press is inked up, and works great for deep down cleaning and restoration of overused or neglected rollers. Putz helps prolong the life of the rollers. Putz Liquidflow cleans and extends life of OPC drums on digital presses such as Xeikon.

THUMBS UP is not your typical hand cleaner. It offers benefits not found in other hand cleaners.

Burnishine worked closely with a laser plate distributor to develop a pen that works with most popular polyester laser plates. Putz Liquidflow effectively removes unwanted images, and can save you time and money by eliminating the need to remake plates. It is made with the same high quality components as our other deletion pens.

Putz Liquidflow, the original deglacer in the graphics arts industry, has found a new home in the digital press market. It is being used successfully to clean and extend the life of OPC and selenium drums in presses such as Xeikon, Chromapress and Nexpress. Customers report that Putz can DOUBLE or TRIPLE the life expectancy of OCP drums. Drums are very expensive to replace, and Putz Liquidflow can help save customers thousands of dollars in replacement costs.