Burnishine Adds HAR Padding Compounds

If you’re looking for the best padding compound on the market, you need HAR Padding Compounds.  HAR is the industry leader, and they have products to suit your every need - whether you do general binding, all kinds of pads or need something suitable for NCR and carbonless paper.

HAR products are versatile, flexible, strong, won’t chip, crack or flake, have an excellent shelf life, and are made in the USA! 

For general padding needs use White or Red, which are available in quart or gallon containers.  White can even be dyed using water-based dyes!

If you need a product for NCR or carbonless paper, look no further than HAR Universal Fan Apart.  It’s super easy to use, flexible and strong.  It’s also waterproof!

Burnishine is proud to add HAR Padding Compounds to our line of pressroom products.

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