News & Press Releases

Burnishine Products has announced the immediate availability of its new line of Sanitizing Cleaners, Sanitizing Wipes, Hand Sanitizing Gel and PPE Full Face Shields

Announcing the new products, Burnishine Products President Roger Giza commented: “Burnishine recognized the need to provide customers with sanitizing and other protective products due to Covid-19.

We worked closely with a local manufacturer to develop and offer products that meet or exceed CDC standards.  We’re excited about the response we’re receiving and are happy to do our part to help keep everyone safe.”

Burnishine’s new Flexo Cleaner is formulated to clean water and UV based inks from plates and anilox rolls. Roger Giza, President of Burnishine, states “our Flexo Cleaner was tested by a leading press manufacturer and was found to be more effective than some of the most popular leading brands.”

Burnishine Products has announced that Philand Industries, a graphic arts dealer in Manila, Philippines, now offers the Burnishine line of pressroom products to printers in Southeast Asia. Announcing the appointment, Burnishine Products [President] Roger Giza commented: “Burnishine Products enjoy a worldwide reputation for quality and convenience in the pressroom. We are pleased to welcome Philand Industries as the latest graphic arts dealer to make our products available.”

Anocoil recently tested CTP1000 and KP4 deletion pens for compatibility with their CtP thermal, violet and no-process plates. We are very happy to report Anocoil's technical staff found both pens worked equally well, and said our pens were the best they've tested! Deletions were performed quickly and easily. As a result of their testing, Anocoil plans to recommend our pens to their customers.

Kodak recently announced they are expanding manufacturing for their Sonora plate line due to increased demand. Kodak now has over 2700 printers worldwide using Sonora plates. This means you have even more opportunity to sell our CTP1000 deletion pens. Kodak verified CTP1000 works exceptionally well with their Sonora plates, and we have them in stock, ready for immediate shipment.

Burnishine collaborated with major plate manufacturers like Kodak, Fujifilm, and IBF in order to develop deletion pens that work on many of the most popular CtP plates on the market.

With so many plates on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which plate cleaning product to recommend to your customers. Plate Sav-Ur is still the plate cleaner to use for analog metal plates. Plate Sav-Ur  is alkaline, so while it is suitable for most traditional plates, it can blind or remove the image on CtP or aqueous plates. CtP Plates - most need an acidic product to clean and desensitize. Aqua Blue cleans, desensitizes and removes light scratches, and can be used "on the fly". Plate Care - finishes, cleans and preserves all metal plates.

Burnishine Plate Care is the perfect replacement for Agfa's discontinued FPC KLAFD00, and offers some big advantages over Antura CleanGum. Plate Care i can be used on all metal plates - including CtP.

Aqua Blue is an amazing acidic cleaner, conditioner and scratch remover for use with most aqueous and CtP metal plates. Leading plate manufacturers such as Kodak, IBF and Fujifilm tested Aqua Blue and confirmed it works well with their thermal plates. Use Aqua Blue for “on-the-fly” cleaning. It will make your printing look better while extending plate life.

Putz Liquidflow, the original deglazer in the graphics arts industry, has found a new home in the digital press market. It is being used successfully to clean and extend the life of OPC and selenium drums in presses such as Xeikon, Chromapress and Nexpress. Customers report that Putz can double or triple life expectancy of OCP drums. Drums are very expensive to replace, and Putz can help save customers thousands of dollars in replacement costs.