Tinting / Toning

Tinting / Toning - is an overall tint of ink in the background of the printed sheet. Ink appears in the non-image area, but does not adhere to the plate. It can be removed easily with a wet sponge.

Ink emulsifying
Fountain solution too acidic
Reduce amount of concentrate, or switch to less acidic solution.
Conductivity is too high
Remix solution.
Dampener setting is too high
Reduce dampener setting
Too much drier added to ink
Replace ink. Overuse of dryers can cause the exact opposite result.
Running too heavy of an ink film
Lower ink setting. Switch to stronger pigmented ink to achieve desired density with thinner film.
Using wrong ink
Consult ink manufacturer.
Rollers are contaminated
Make sure all solvent is removed from rollers before inking up. Clean / deglaze rollers.
Burnishine recommends using our fountain solutions to correct this issue: Universal Fountain Solution, Universal SM Fountain Solution, Universal Fountain Solution - SM Plus, Ultrafount Fountain Solution, and our roller cleaners: Clear Gel, Putz Pomade, and Chrome Roller Cleaner.