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When it comes to cleaning hands, Thumbs UP can't be beat for quickly removing ink and grime from the dirtiest hands.  It even won an award from Quick Printing magazine as one of the best hand cleaner! Thumbs Up doesn't just clean hands. It rinses so clean even your sinks and pipes will look good! Experience the fresh, clean fragrance, and natural moisturizers.
Samples are available

Burnishine Flexo Cleaner is a dual purpose product that cleans anilox rolls as well as flexo plates.  It's a concentrated flexo cleaner and can be mixed up to 10:1 with water. why stock separate anilox and plate cleaners when one will do it all?  This product ships with no haz-mat regulations too.

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Thumbs Up Hand Cleaner (64 Oz)


Thumbs Up Liquid Hand Cleaner


Aluminum Brightener and Cleaner

From $19.99

Aluminum Brightener and Cleaner 1 Gallon

From $29.50

Aluminum Brightener and Cleaner 4 Gallons


Flexo Plate Wash Cleaner

From $15.18

Flexo Cleaner - Quart


Flexo Wash and Cleaner - 55 Gallons


Flexo Wash and Cleaner - 5 Gallons