Roller Stripping

Roller Stripping - Ink rollers can no longer carry ink in certain areas. The glazed surface of the rubber roller is more hydrophilic, or water loving, and ink can no longer stick to those areas.

Fountain solution pH is too acidic
Reduce amount of concentrate or switch to less acidic solution.
Fountain solution contains too much gum
Remix solution using less gum, or if using a one step solution, use less concentrate.
Rollers are glazed
Clean rollers with good deglazer.
Rollers are swollen
Replace rollers.
Burnishine recommends using our fountain solutionsto correct this issue: Universal Fountain Solution, Universal SM Fountain Solution, Universal Fountain Solution - SM Plus, Ultrafount Fountain Solution, and our roller cleaners: Clear Gel, Putz Pomade, and Chrome Roller Cleaner.