Piling - happens when the ink becomes too short due to emulsification. Ink builds up on the rollers or on the blanket and then it becomes too short to transfer properly. Excess pigment will then build up and start to pile or cake.

Ink emulsification
Fountain solution is too acidic
Reduce amount of concentrate or switch to less acidic solution.
Fountain solution conductivity is too high
Remix fountain solution to lower conductivity.
Glazed ink rollers and/or blankets
Clean rollers and blankets, or remove and replace.
Ink is too short
Add a varnish that will make the ink longer. Change ink. Consult ink manufacturer.
Ink has poor moisture resistance
Add heavy body varnish. Change ink. Consult ink manufacturer.
Burnishine recommends using our fountain solutions to combat this issue: Universal Fountain Solution, Universal SM Fountain Solution, Universal Fountain Solution - SM Plus, Ultrafount Fountain Solution, and our roller cleaners: Putz Pomade, Clear Gel and Chrome Roller Cleaner.