Hickeys - (also see Linting and Picking) - Specks seen in solids that are typically surrounded by an unprinted ridge or "halo". They appear mainly due to maintenance reasons. Loose particles transfer into the ink and can come from several sources:

  • Dull blades that leave particles from stock on the edges.
  • Small particles of rubber or dried ink from poorly maintained rollers.
  • Poor paper coating. A hickey caused by lint usually appears longer and skinny like a tiny fiber. A hickey from a rubber roller will appear fairly round with a soft edged "halo".
  • Dried ink particles. These vary in shape and size, and tend to have distinct sharp edged halos.
  • Coating - this one is tricky as it can have the appearance of an ink hickey.
Dried ink skin particles
Clean up the press; check roller ends, and add fresh ink.
Worn rollers
Replace rollers.
Paper lint / dusty environment
Fan paper thoroughly; wipe edges of pile with a tack rag. Develop good maintenance/housekeeping habits.
Ink too tacky
Reduce or replace ink. Tacky ink will pull fibers off the sheet's surface.
Burnishine recommends using our roller cleaners to correct this problem: Putz Pomade Liquid/Paste or Clear Gel