Chalking - Dried ink pigment does not properly adhere to the printing surface and ink rubs off easily as a result. Chalking is typically caused by an ink and substrate incompatibility, ink and fountain incompatibility, and ink additives.

Fountain solution pH is too acidic
Reduce amount of concentrate or switch to less acidic fountain solution.
Fountain solution Conductivity is too high
Remix fountain solution to lower conductivity.
Dampener setting is too high for the job
Reduce amount of solution being applied to the plate.
Too much reducer added to ink
Replace ink. Excess reduction causes the vehicle to absorb quickly into the paper, leaving pigments loosely behind on the surface.
Too much drier was added
Replace ink.
Burnishine recommends using our fountain solutions to combat this issue: Universal Fountain Solution, Universal SM Fountain Solution, Universal Fountain Solution - SM Plus, Ultrafount Fountain Solution. Our solutions can help maintain proper pH and conductivity during press runs.