Technical Bulletin - Putz Pomade

Many printers are familiar with Putz, however, it's important to know exactly why Putz is so good, and what types of press problems it solves.

Putz Pomade

Q. What does Putz remove and why is that important?
A. Putz removes ink, glaze, calcium, and other deeply-imbedded contaminants. Contaminated rollers cause

  • Stripping: this occurs when rollers can no longer carry ink in certain areas.
  • Glazing: rollers become hard and glazed due to a buildup of contaminants from ink, paper or fountain solutions. This can lead to stripping.
  • Piling: lint build up can cause ink to become too short. When that happens ink won't transfer properly and excess pigment will start to pile up or cake.

Even though most printers dislike cleaning their press, using Putz on a regular basis will keep rollers in good condition, so they will have less downtime, better print quality, and improved roller life.

Q. How does it differ from other roller cleaners?
A. Putz uses microfine granules to remove contaminants from the roller. You DO NOT REMOVE INK before applying it to rollers. This can be a real time saver!

Q. Do you leave it on overnight?
A. No, Putz works quickly to remove ink and other impurities.

Q. How much needs to be applied?
A. Apply while press is inked up. A thin bead (about 1'/8") across the rollers is all you need. Run at a slow speed for 4-5 minutes, longer if rollers haven't' been cleaned in a while. Remove with press wash. Follow up with a warm water rinse*.

*Roller washes should remove solvent soluble (ink) and water soluble impurities. An often overlooked point is that even though the roller looks and feels clean, some residue can be left behind on rollers. Even water miscible roller washes can leave a residue. Rinsing with warm water after roller wash will ensure rollers are totally clean.

Q. Can it clean blankets?
A. Yes! Simply apply Putz to the blanket while it's on press. Rub the surface well and then remove with blanket/roller wash. Doing this 3 times a week will rejuvenate and lengthen the life of the blanket. You will also get better print results.

Q. Anything else? What about digital presses?
A. Yes! Using Liquidflow Putz (Y3 only) on OPC drums on digital presses, like Xeikon, can double or triple the life of the drum! Apply Putz to a lint free cloth, and wipe over drum to remove toner particles. Remove with a damp (not wet) soft, lint free cloth. Run about 50 sheets to prepare the unit for printing, or buff down dry prior to printing.
Note: it is important not to saturate the drum as water can get inside the end seams.

Printers who prefer to use a non-abrasive cleaner, can benefit from using Clear Gel Roller Deglazer, and Burnishine Chrome Roller Cleaner and Desensitizer