Printers Pride® Fountain Solutions

Burnishine fountain solutions can be used on a wide variety of presses from 40" Heidelberg's to midsize and smaller Ryobi and Hamada duplicators.  Our alcohol-free solutions are compatible with standard dampening units as well as Crestline and Dahlgren. Our fountain solutions are formulated to work with a wide variety of plates including metal, silver and laser.   Whether you are need a Universal fountain solution, or a product like Ultrafount, which can help reduce the need for isopropyl alcohol, Burnishine fountains are guaranteed to work

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Ultrafount - FS

  • For silver and metal plates
  • Reduces need for alcohol
  • Works well in continuous dampeners
  • Recommended for humid environments
  • $61.12

    Universal Fountain Solution - UFS

  • Effective on all metal plates
  • Helps prevent toning
  • Economical
  • $42.05

    Universal Fountain Solution - SM

  • Works on metal and silver plates
  • Helps prevent toning
  • Formulated for all presses
  • $42.05

    Universal Fountain Solution - SM Plus

  • Excellent for metal and silver plates
  • Exceptional wetting agents; recommended for drier environments
  • Helps maintain proper pH and conductivity
  • For all presses
  • $57.30