Technical Bulletin - Plate Sav - UR

Gold Miracle

Q. What does Plate Sav-Ur do & what problems does it solve?
A. Plate Sav-Ur cleans, conditions and removes light scratches from metal plates. It is excellent for restarting standing metal plates. Plate Sav-Ur can help resolve the following problems:

  • Plate blinding: occurs when storage gum is not removed thoroughly.
  • Background toning: occurs when the plate becomes sensitized and the non-image area picks up ink.
  • Excess plate wear: harsh chemicals used to remove gum can damage the plate surface.
  • Scratches: Plate-Sav-Ur removes light scratches. This save time, money and increases productivity.
  • Haz-mat: non-flammable, and biodegradable. No extra shipping fees. Low VOC's.

Q. How do you use it?
A. Apply evenly to entire plate. Do not allow to dry on plate. Clean off with fountain solution or water. Can be used on the fly. Repeat as necessary.

Q. Can you use Plate Sav-Ur as a deglazer for dampener?
A. Yes! Using Plate Sav-Ur as a deglazer for dampener rollers will eliminate the buildup of gum and ink. This process is for smaller duplicators. Because it is a mild deglazer, it will not attack soft rollers.

Q. How do you use it as a dampener deglazer?
A. Once a week put a capful of Plate Sav-Ur in the dampener. Run the press for about 10 minutes. Rinse rollers in hot water and follow up with blanket wash.

Q. How low are the VOC's?
A. Less than 1%!!

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