Plate Products

Look no further than Burnishine for a variety of products that clean, desensitize, removes scratches, and preserve plates.  We offer 3 type of metal plate cleaners - Plate-Sav-ur for older, analog plates that need and alkaline cleaner. Aqua Blue for aqueous metal and CtP plates that require acidic cleaners; and Plate Care for cleaning, finishing and preserving just about any type of metal plate - analog or digital.  For printers using laser polyester plates, or silver paper or polyester plates, Gold Miracle can't be beat or prepping and cleaning and removing scratches

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Aqua Blue - P7

  • Acidic cleaner, conditioner and scratch remover for most analog and CtP Plates
  • Improves run length and print quality
  • Can be used "on the fly"
  • $32.53

    Gold Miracle

  • Cleaner, starter, etch for laser and silver based plates
  • Improves print quality; sharpens halftones
  • Available in pints, quarts and gallons
  • From $22.33

    Plate Care - 3600

  • Finishes, cleans and preserves all metal plates
  • Will preserve properly stored plates up to a year
  • Removes easily with water
  • $23.23


  • Alkaline cleaner, conditioner and scratch remover
  • Densensitizes plates; makes plates more ink receptive
  • Can be used to deglaze dampening systems
  • Available in pints, quarts and gallons
  • From $15.45