H.S. Boyd Technical Bulletin


H.S. Boyd is the leading manufacturer and distributor of complete inline finishing systems including Perforating, Scoring and Die-Cutting materials.  Their finishing rules and die cutting equipment allow printers greater control of their finishing jobs so they can keep jobs in-house.  H.S. Boyd offers precise and quick turnaround times for custom die-cutting products. 



  • Micro-Perf
  • Litho-Perf
  • Litho-Score
  • Litho-Slit
  • Precision-Perf
  • Precision-Slit
  • Precision Scote
  • Litho Punch
  • Litho Dies
  • Specialty


  • Printers maintain better control and make more money by keeping the entire job in-house.
  • Quick turn-around times for custom die-cutting products
  • Cut, perforate and score on a variety of substrates
  • Made in the USA