Technical Bulletin - Deletion Pens

Deletion Pens

Q. Why use Burnishine deletion pens?

  • We worked closely with many plate manufacturers to optimize formulas for specific applications.
  • We have unique 2 and 3 tip pens so printers do not need to stock extra pens.
  • Pens are made with high quality components for safe, efficient application, and longevity.
  • Formulas work quickly and effectively.

Q. How do you know which pen to use?
A. CTP1000 works best for most unbaked CtP violet and thermal plates, and is highly recommended for Kodak Sonora plates. We worked with manufacturers to develop effective formulations for the following

  • FBP3000: for baked Fuji LH-PSE & LH-N13.
  • KP4: Electra XD, Thermal Gold, Trilian (CtP1000 is highly recommended for Sonora), and new AGFA Eclipse.
  • IBF5000: Million DV, Negfast, Eco-T and Million SR.
  • LP6000: for most polyester plates such as Hurst SmartPlate and Genie.

Q. What is the best way to use them?
A. Apply deletion fluid to the area that needs to be deleted. Rub gently and allow formula to work for a brief time. Excessive pressure will not increase performance. Applying too much pressure can compromise the plate's coating and will result in ink adhering to the deleted area. Clean or preserve plate, allow to dry and resume production.

Q. Do you have addition pens?
A. Yes! CTP2000 can be used on most CtP plates. Features include: 2 tips - one for desensitizing plate; one fine tip, and one medium tip. Desensitizing allows the addition fluid to completely adhere to plate surface.

Deletion/Addition pen users may benefit from our other plate products such as Aqua Blue and Plate Care