Technical Bulletin - Plate Care

Plate Care

Q. What does PlateCare do & what problems does it solve?
A. Plate Care cleans, finishes and preserves analog and CtP metal plates. It is a great alternative to traditional gum which can be hard to remove and can lead to:

  • Plate blinding: ink can't stick to the image area if storage gum is not removed thoroughly.
  • Excess plate wear: harsh chemicals used to remove gum can damage the plate surface.
  • Longer roll up time: Plate Care is easily removed with water so plates roll up faster, which improves productivity and reduces paper waste.

Q. How do you use it?
A. Shake before using and apply evenly to entire plate. Buff dry and store.

Q. How long can plates be stored with Plate Care?
A. Plate Care will save plates up to a year when properly stored.

Q. How do you use it as a dampener deglazer?
A. Once a week put a capful of Plate Sav-Ur in the dampener. Run the press for about 10 minutes. Rinse rollers in hot water and follow up with blanket wash.

Q. How do you remove Plate Care?
A. Simply wipe plate down with a damp sponge or lint free cotton pad. You can also mount the plate on press and within a few revolutions Plate Care will be removed. It will not interfere with plate chemistry.

Q. Are there other benefits?
A. Yes! Plate Care has low VOC's, which means it's safer for you and the environment. And there's no haz-mat shipping fees.

PlateCare users can benefit from our other plate products such as Aqua Blue Plate Cleaner and Scratch Remover and our CtP deletion and addition pens