Technical Bulletin - Clear Gel

Clean rollers are essential for producing high quality prints. Rollers that become hardened by contaminants can cause:

  • Roller Stripping: rollers can no longer carry ink in certain areas.
  • Glazing: caused by a buildup of ink, paper, and fountain solutions.
  • Piling: lint buildup can cause ink to become too short. When that happens ink won't transfer properly and excess pigment will start to pile up or cake.
Clear Gel

Q. What does Clear Gel do and how does it solve the above problems?
A. It quickly and effectively removes ink, glaze, calcium, and other contaminants from rollers. It will help restore the roller's velvety texture, and will prevent stripping and glazing. Clean rollers = great print quality.

Q. Will it remove UV ink?
A. Yes!

Q. Can it be used on all rollers?
A. Yes! It is safe for use on all rollers - it won't cause swelling and extends roller life. It won't scratch or cloud acrylic rollers.

Q. How often can Clear Gel be used?
A. You can use it every day! It is safe for daily use and quick color changes -even going from black to yellow.

Q. How do you use it?
A. Remove ink from press with roller wash. SHAKE WELL and apply a thin bead to distribution roller. Idle press for 2-3 minutes and remove with roller wash*.

*Roller washes should remove solvent soluble (ink) and water soluble impurities. An often overlooked point is that even though the roller looks and feels clean, some residue can be left behind on rollers. Even water miscible roller washes can leave a residue. Rinsing with warm water after roller wash will ensure rollers are totally clean.

Q. Do you still need calcium removers or other liquid deglazers?
A. NO! Clear Gel does it all. Plus, Clear Gel is not hazardous, and is much easier to apply than many liquid deglazers.

Q. What products are similar to Clear Gel?
A. Varn OverNite (discontinued), Van Son Easy Street, Grafsolve EE-ZZ Roll Off and Tower Super Roller Cleaner.

Printers who purchase Clear Gel can benefit from related products such as Chrome Roller Cleaner and Desensitizer