Technical Bulletin - CRC

Chrome Roller Cleaner

Q. What does Chrome Roller Cleaner do?
A. CRC desensitizes and protects chrome rollers. It leaves behind a protective coating which makes clean up easier, and extends roller life. It also removes old oxidation spots.

Q. Why is this important? What problems does it solve?
A. Using CRC helps increases chrome dampener efficiency. CRC will:

  • Help prevent ink from sticking to chrome.
  • Helps prevent ink from backing up into the water train, which can cause picture framing and other press issues.
  • Regular use will keep your press running at peak performance.
  • Will make clean up easier.
  • When used as directed, it helps eliminate the need for harsh, and potentially toxic solvents.

Q. How does it differ from other CRC's on the market?
A. You do not wipe it off! This is really important to remember as wiping off the haze removes all the benefits. Most chrome roller cleaners are two steps - apply and remove.

Q. How do you use it?
A. First, make sure any hardened ink buildup is removed from chrome impression cylinders, transfer cylinders, etc. SHAKE WELL and apply a liberal coating of CRC with lint-free cloth or sponge. DO NOT REMOVE HAZE!! CRC dries quickly, and leaves a protective film on the roller.

Q. Can you use it on metering rollers?
A. Yes,

Q. What products are similar to Chrome Roller Cleaner?
A. There are many chrome roller cleaners on the market, but none is exactly like our CRC! Pressmen tell us our formulation outperforms competitive brands.

Printers using Chrome Roller Cleaner can benefit from using Clear Gel Roller Deglazer