Technical Bulletin- Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue

Q. What does Aqua Blue do & what problems does it solve?
A. Aqua Blue removes ink, light scratches, scum, oxidation and gum from plates. It makes the image area more ink receptive, sharpens halftones, and prolongs plate life. Aqua Blue can solve some of these problems:

  • Scumming: may be caused when the non-image area becomes sensitized and starts accepting ink.
  • Plugging: halftone areas fill in during press run.
  • Plate Binding: if storage gum is not removed thoroughly, the image area won't accept ink.

Q. Can it be used on the fly?
A. YES! Using Aqua Blue on the fly minimizes downtime, which improves productivity.

Q. What plates need Aqua Blue and why?
A. Most aqueous metal, and CtP plates need an acidic cleaner. Using an alkaline cleaner on these plates will blind or completely remove the image.

Q. How do you use it?
A. FOR REGULAR CLEANING: SHAKE WELL! Apply liberally to entire plate using a dampened sponge or cloth. Rinse with water or fountain solution and resume printing. Repeat as necessary.
FOR ON THE FLY CLEANING: SHAKE WELL! Spray directly on plate while press is running to remove piling, plugging and scum. Repeat as needed.

Q. Is Aqua Blue compatible with other press chemistry, and are there other benefits?
A. Yes, it is compatible with other chemicals. Aqua Blue has a mild odor, and is ideal for grained plates.

Q. What products are similar to Aqua Blue?
A. Most chemical companies offer similar cleaners - i.e. Tower CtP Scratch remover, Kodak Aqua Image, Prisco, etc. Aqua Blue has a mild odor, and lower VOC's than other products.

Printers using Aqua Blue can benefit from using our CTP deletion and addition pens, and Plate Care, finisher, cleaner, and preserver for all metal plates