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Plate Cleaners

Burnishine makes a variety of plate cleaners for all types of offset printing plates. Plate Sav-Ur is an excellent alkaline metal plate cleaner, metal plate scratch remover and plate desensitizer, for metal plates. Plate Sav-Ur removes scratches, scum, gum streaks and oxidation, and can be used to deglaze rollers in dampening systems.

If you need an acidic metal plate cleaner, desensitizer and scratch remover, we recommend using Aqua Blue for most CtP and aqueous analog plates, while making the image area more ink receptive. It can also be used for "on-the'fly" cleaning.

After printing, use Plate Care as a finisher, cleaner and preserver for any metal plate, including CtP violet and thermal metal plates. It's mild pH makes it a perfect FCP product for use on analog and digital metal plates. Plate Care is easily removed with water, and will preserve plates up to a year when stored properly.

Gold Miracle is one of the original silvermaster plate cleaners on the market. It cleans and removes light scratches and fingerprints without damaging the image area. It sharpens halftones and fine lines, and gives longer, cleaner runs. Gold Miracle can be used to clean and prepare most laser plates like Hurst Smartplate, before printing. It will remove background toner scatter, and will help your printing look better. All Burnishine plate cleaners help you create a better impression.

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